The world's first high-performance engine oil made entirely from sustainable base oils.

How can
oil be sustainable?

Unlike other conventional motor oils based on crude oil, SYNTAINICS® is made from used oil with the help of our patented technology. This means that no new oil needs to be pumped out of the ground to produce SYNTAINICS®. In fact, the oil can be used several times over while maintaining the best performance and quality thanks to our technology.
endless oil re-engineering
MT of carbon dioxide Prevention

Uhh. Used oil?

Rather than recycling the oil, we re-engineer it.
The process involves breaking down the used oil into molecules, removing everything that doesn't belong in the oil, and reassembling it into a new, high-quality product.
it’s complicated
— Our Method

How does this work?

Sounds complicated? Well, to be honest, it is.
That's why we're proud to be the world's only producer of sustainable Group III base oil, the highest quality used for high-performance engines.
This revolutionary product is the result of years of development and testing under the toughest conditions.
And even with our patented technology at hand, it hasn't always been an easy project.
But ever since we started, we've been convinced that we can make an engine oil that's better for both your engine and our future.
Is it good?
You bet!

The Proof of Performance

What do charts with viscosity grade or different atomic mass figures actually tell you? We at SYNTAINICS® prefer the Proof of Performance. We’ve tested SYNTAINICS® in real-life situations under the toughest conditions such as Daytona 200 and Nürburgring 24 hours—and won!