TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2

Video Game Features the PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® Racing Team

The long awaited sequel to the original video game features the PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® Racing Team.

Wayne, PA (USA)—PURAGLOBE is the proud sponsor of the Penz13 Motorcycle Racing Team. In the real world, PURAGLOBE and Penz13 work toward developing the most advanced, sustainable motorcycle racing oils and lubricants available—while promoting performance and sustainability in racing sports and beyond. And they’re doing the same in the virtual world as well—with the TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 motorcycle racing video game.

The long awaited sequel to the original video game, the TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 offers gamers some exciting updates—and features the PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® Racing Team.

PURAGLOBE President & CEO Andreas Schueppel explained that unlike other providers of base oil technology and racing motor oils, PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® strives not only for outstanding performance, but sustainability as well:

“We’re excited that the PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® is recognized for performance and sustainability, both in the real world, and now the virtual world as well. Which helps promote our message that sustainable motor oils aren’t just so-called “alternatives” anymore—they’re the future of the oil industry.”

And the strategy seems to be working. Not only is the team featured in the game, but elsewhere online in game reviews, communities, and elsewhere. For example, the gaming site STEAM and the official video trailer both feature PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS®Racing Team front and center.

More than just fun & games

Since its release in March 2020, the game has won praise from gamers and motorcycle racing enthusiasts alike. And with every grueling lap of gameplay, the team has the chance to promote not only the brand, but sustainability as well. Schueppel also explained:

“Everything we do is strategic. And while sponsoring a motorcycle racing team may not seem obvious at first, with every game, and every review, we’re gaining strategic advantage in promoting our brand—but also sustainability and the technology behind it all.”

Dr. Soenke Moehr, PURAGLOBE’s Global Director of Sales and Marketing, remarked:

“Much like racing down the track at insane speeds, the lines between our technology and our products get blurred. For us, it’s all about transforming used oil into new, high-performance products, while reducing CO2 emissions. And when sustainability is part of your technology, your products, and your partnerships—and helps save the environment—everybody wins.”

Unfortunately for gamers however, while Dr. Moehr and the racing team know a lot about performance and technology, they don’t have any tips or tricks for winning the game, except noting that the “Falling off your bike 50 times” challenge is the first thing most players will unlock. Race on!

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