Durable sustainability

Proven performance—in real-world challenges

We took SYNTAINICS® to the racetrack to prove that it can withstand even the toughest challenges.

SYNTAINICS® wanted to find out what their engine oil can do. To do that, they didn't book themselves into some fancy test lab. Instead, they put together racing teams and competed in the toughest races motorsport has to offer.

Of all the races in the world, there are a few that really stand out. Races that are about more than just crossing the finish line first, and where the race itself almost takes on a life of its own.

Names like Daytona 200, Nürburgring 24-hours and Isle of Man evoke something in anyone with a fondness of motorsport. But even those who aren't particularly interested in motorsport know that it's all about tough and challenging races - both for the drivers and their engines. Take the Daytona 200 for example, a race that can truly be classed as part of motorsport history. The race has changed over the years, but its essence of speed, danger and one hell of an atmosphere has remained unbroken.

Sure, the barriers along the steep track are now known as "soft walls". But they're probably not perceived as particularly "soft" by a rider flying along, trying to squeeze himself between the barrier and the bike in front.

The World World's fastest test lab

As entertaining as it is to witness, there's no getting away from the fact that the Daytona 200 is a terrible race for drivers and their engines. And for that very reason, Daytona 200 is also one of the world's best test labs for engine oil. Anything that can withstand the rigors of 57 laps of Daytona's legendary racetrack will do.

In March 2021, “Team PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® Powered by Penz13,” competed in the 79th Daytona 200. It was the first time in the history of the race that a team participated with motorcycles using SYNTAINICS® engine oil made from sustainably produced base oil.

“PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® Full Synthetic 10W-50 Racing Oil”, to be exact, which is a specially developed engine oil for the most extreme situations.

“It's like having the world’s fastest R&D lab for base oil technology on two wheels. And competing in the Daytona 200 gives us the opportunity to test our innovations under the most challenging conditions”, Andreas Schueppel, President & CEO of PURAGLOBE who manufactures SYNTAINICS®, said.

Top Performance With Reduced Emission

By collecting used oil and re-engineering it into new and 100 % sustainable base oil, SYNTAINICS® is the world’s first engine oil offering both high-performance and a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from production.

“Racing in the Daytona 200 is important for us. It’s important for R&D, but it’s also important for us regionally. Our new state-of-the-art blending and packaging facility is also located in Florida, in the Port of Tampa. So, for us, it’s like developing and delivering the world’s most advanced, sustainable motor oils right in our own backyard”, Andreas Schueppel said.

Not quite in the backyard, but at least in Germany and thus in the same country as PURAGLOBE's first plant is the equally legendary Nürburgring track. Popular with professionals and aspiring racers alike, the 25-kilometer 'Nordschleife', or 'North Loop', offers blind corners, steep gradients and changing - and challenging - road surfaces, making it one of the most challenging racetracks in the world.

It takes great skill, and if you're competing in the 24-hour race, your engine also needs to perform at its best throughout the race.

First Place With Future-Proof Technology

So would you enter the competition with used oil? In 2017, the CARE FOR CLIMATE® team did just that. And won.

Their Porsche Cayman GT4 drove through the race using SYNTAINICS® SAE 5W50 RACING OIL and DCT POWERFORCE RACING FLUID and finished in the first place.

The challenging task of driving was shared by four drivers, one of them being the well-known German rapper Smudo from the band “Die Fantastischen Vier”. With a celebrity behind the wheel, the team was able to reach out with its important message beyond fans of motorsport. Namely, that by using the right technology, it is possible to combine sustainability and performance, already today.

Even those who are not of legal driving age or have never been on a motorcycle can experience this. And you don't even have to get to one of the legendary tracks or squeeze on a racing suit and helmet. Just stay at home on the couch, keep your comfy sweatpants on and fire up the game “TT Isle of Man – Riding on the Edge 2” on your XBOX, Playstation or PC.

Just like in the real world, Penz13 Motorcycle Racing Team in the game is sponsored by PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS®. And just like in the real-life Isle of Man, the team rides their bikes with SYNTAINICS® in the game. The only slight difference is that in the game they’re using some kind of digital version of SYNTAINICS®.

Or at least we think so.

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