Syntainics motorcycle racing team

Daytona 200

The PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® motorcycle racing team competed in the 79th Daytona 200.

Wayne, Penn. (USA) — The PURGLOBE SYNTAINICS® motorcycle racing team competed in the 79th Daytona 200. The race is regarded as the largest motorcycle event in the world. The team was officially listed in the Daytona 200 as “Team PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® Powered by Penz13,”  under the direction of trophy-winning motorcyclist Rico Penzkofer.

High-performance, Future-proof Motorcycle Engine Oils

The team achieved a first in motorcycle racing history: this was the first time that a team competed with motor oil made from sustainable base oils that drastically reduce CO2 emissions during refining.

The team raced with PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® Full Synthetic 10W-50 Racing Oil—a unique formulation specifically designed to deliver oustanding performance and protection, even under the most extreme conditions.

Together, the team has proven that sustainable, future-proof engine oils have what it takes to deliver outstanding performance, in one of the most challenging motorcycle races in the world while helping to protect our natural oil resources and the environment.

The fastest test lab on two wheels

Andreas Schueppel, President & CEO of PURAGLOBE remarked that racing in the Daytona 200 is like having “the world’s fastest R&D lab for future-proof technology and high-performance motor oils on two wheels.” And competing in the Daytona 200 gave us proof that our innovations deliver outstanding performance, even under these challenging conditions.”

Dr. Soenke Moehr, PURAGLOBE’s Global Director of Sales and Marketing explained, “what we’ve done for passenger car motor oils, we’ve now done for motorcycle engine oils. We’re thrilled and excited, and we’re looking forward to making our high-performance, future-proof motorcycle engine oils available both on and off the track.”

Sustainability & More

Schueppel also added that “racing in the Daytona 200 was an important milestone for R&D, but since our first blending America is also located in Florida, it was important to show how we can deliver sustainable, high-performance racing oils right here… in our own backyard.”

In following its long-term plans for regional market transformation, PURAGLOBE is working hard to build refineries in Florida and beyond.

Future-proof motorcycle engine oils underway

Dr. Soenke Moehr explained that the Daytona 200 race has delivered the exceptional motor oil performance the team needed. And based upon the outstanding performance, a new array of PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® motorcycle racing oils will soon be available for the consumer market in Europe and the United States.

These specially formulated motorcycle racing oils will also be made with PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS®—a future-proof technology that not only transforms used oil into new oil, but reduces emissions by 90% during the refining process compared with traditional oil refining. This combination of re-engineering used oil while reducing emissions is part of PURAGLOBE’s patented Molecular Performance Engineering Process.

As Dr. Moehr explained, “It’s a winning combination. Motorcycle enthusiasts can do their part for sustainability while getting outstanding performance from a future-proof motor oil.”

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