ADAC Zurich 24-hour race

Winning with SYNTAINICS®

The CARE FOR CLIMATE® team raced their way to victory during the ADAC Zurich 24-hour race at Nuerburgring.

Wayne, PA—The CARE FOR CLIMATE® team (sponsored by PURAGLOBE) raced their way to victory during the ADAC Zurich 24-hour race at Nuerburgring. PURAGLOBE guests enjoyed VIP accommodations at the finish line, and were trackside as the CARE FOR CLIMATE® Porsche Cayman GT4 won the AT class.

Besides beating the hard-driving competition, the team demonstrated that sustainable fuels, oils, and lubricants are good for the environment—and for winning—even during the most demanding, high- performance applications. From the starting line to the winner‘s circle, the CARE FOR CLIMATE® Porsche Cayman GT4 was running with PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® finished lubricants (SAE 5W50 RACING OIL, and DCT POWERFORCE RACING FLUID).

And lap after grueling lap, the CARE FOR CLIMATE® Team—driven by Axel, Daniel, Smudo, and Tom—proved they have what it takes to win, while promoting sustainability throughout the motorsport community. Smudo‘s celebrity status (as a German hip-hop star) generated much publicity for the CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative on and off the track.

Beyond the PURAGLOBE VIP lounge, more than 200,000 spectators watched the racing action, visited exhibitions, and discovered exciting new technologies, such as the futuristic, hybrid-engine technology unveiled by Mercedes AMG, for Formula One cars on the track, and AMG sport cars on the street.

The race also marked another first: using their exclusive UOP HyLubeSAT™ technology, PURAGLOBE became the first to develop performance-proven, racing engine oils and dual clutch transmission (DCT) fluids based on sustainable Group III base oils. PURAGLOBE has been meticulously engineering Group III base oil technology and the SYNTAINICS® product line—and will soon be online in North America and Europe offering sustainable Group III base oils and solvents made from used oil.

And with preparations for the 2018 race already starting, PURAGLOBE and the CARE FOR CLIMATE® team are gaining attention—and leading the way toward unsurpassed performance, sustainability, and cleaner mobility.

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