— OUr Mission

We believe it’s more clever to be smart.

With the entire world of mobility in the middle of a necessary reinvention of itself, the outcome is unclear. Without answers and solutions at hand, it's hard to know what the future holds. The only certain thing is that it will bring change.

Big change.

This transition, however, also comes with another dimension.One that brings a wide range of opportunities. As is often the case, changing times create a breeding ground for alternative ideas with new possibilities on the horizon.

Or to be more precise: there has never been a moreappropriate and urgent time to reshape an industry.

But this is only possible for those who aim high and havethe ambition to take their idea beyond all conventional notions.

Which is exactly what we have in mind with SYNTAINICS®.

The time is ripe so here is our take on a new roadmap towards a better and more future-proof mobility. SYNTAINICS® is the world's first engine oil made from 100% sustainably produced base oil.

It offers both the best performance and significantly loweremissions by not relying on further drilling for a non-renewable energy source.

It's a moonshot and a total game-changer for the industry.But with years of research and development invested, we have succeeded inrealizing our vision of a more sustainable and future-proof mobility. A vision that also includes a belief that thepurpose of all innovation is to solve problems.

With the 2020s dubbed as a “make or break”decade, it's clear that there are things that need to be solved, and what we do now determines what awaits us later. For this reason, and with revolutionary technology at hand,we choose to aim high.

Off towards new horizons.